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Title: Shattered Pieces
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Band(s): Fall Out Boy, The Young Veins, Panic! At the Disco (mentions of TAI, THS, GCH, HM, CS, The Cab, and MCR)
Pete/Patrick, secondary Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: 22, 385
[livejournal.com profile] sasukegang
[livejournal.com profile] coricomile
[livejournal.com profile] kittygrenade and [livejournal.com profile] _slashygoodness
contains mentions of suicidal thoughts, several bloody scenes
Pete Wentz has recently been admitted to Mornington Sanitarium after a suicide attempt (or going to Best Buy as he likes to call it). Apathetic to the world around him, Pete doesn’t know what to make of this new situation. He just knows that he has to be here in order to combat the dark emotional fog that surrounds him. He needs to find a way to be himself again, but first he has to feel. The world that Pete is suddenly in is filled with patients who think they’re vampires or angels, who haven’t talked in years and have survived horrors, who like setting things on fire and public nudity.
In addition to the patients, there’s the crazier staff especially orderly Brendon, who has a crush on the oblivious Doctor Ryan Ross. And then there is Patrick, Pete’s roommate and Mornington’s longest residing patient. Pete cannot help but be intrigued by Patrick, who has suffered a trauma that led to him having Dissociative Identity Disorder. So Pete and Patrick have to navigate Patrick’s alters and Pete’s depression and the general insanity of living at Mornington as they stumbled from friendship into best friendship into not love but very deep like for sure.

This one was made by the AMAZING [livejournal.com profile] _slashygoodness! Her thoughts about each song and how they are apart of the story are in italics! Enjoy!


Take Two And Call Me In The Morning
1. "Crazy Logic (Gnarls Barkley vs. Supertramp vs. The Who vs.Rockwell)", Arty Fufkin This one encapsulates the whole idea of Mornington and its world tome. A weird mix of madness that manages to coalesce and work despitethe fact that the average person thinks the parts shouldn't even be inthe same room.

2. "The Point Of It All", Amanda Palmer This song is all Ryan, analytical and a little disconnected inspeech but sympathetic in tone. Piano's the perfect instrument for himtoo. So I think it works.

3. "Happi Endo no Uta", Miyavi This fits Brendon so well in so many ways. Upbeat and almostobnoxiously happy but more worldly than one would expect.

4. "Crazy", Kidney Thieves This is Pete when we meet him, through and though. Technically,it's a love song . Ignore the words and feel the emotion behind theminstead. I think it's him standing blind in the middle of his mentalgrey fog and hating every second out it.

5. "Daniel (Tara Busch remix)", Bat For Lashes This is Patrick. The album version of this song works well too butthis mix, with its haunting beat and slicker feel, captures hisheadspace. Gives whole new meaning to dreaming of home, right?

6. "Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine", The White Stripes I wanted a song that kind of made sense of all the nurses andorderlies. The staff is young and not at all clinical, relating to thepatients. They believe that they're helping just as much as themedicine.

7. "Transylvania", Malice Mizer This is Bill. Admit it, you hear this song and think ofold-fashioned, Dracula styled vampires in red and black. I kind ofpicture Bill cutting at a bloodied steak at dinner when I hearthis.

8. "I'm Too Sexy (remix)", Right Said Fred This one's Siska. I needed a 'getting naked' type song and this wastossed around. I can absolutely see Siska strutting down the halls,probably on a bet from Pete, to this.

9. "Friends Will Be Friends", Queen I couldn't think of a good way to deal with the Alexes apart so Ichose this. They're tightly knit like they are in life, even in thepatient-orderly relationship, and I feel like they'd always sticktogether.

10. "Firestarter", Prodigy This song is Cassadee. The way she's presented is mischievous and alittle scary, according to Pete.

11. "Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce", Angels & Airwaves And finally, we have Greta. I wanted something a little light anddreamy but a touch sad. Tom Delonge's space muszacks worked great.

12. "Low of Solipsism II", Hirano Yoshihisa & Taniuchi Hideki This song goes with Patrick's night terrors. I really don't havemuch else to say about it.

13. "Tuesday's Child", Jesse Cook This song is about Vaughn, all his innoncence and childlikebehavior. It makes me think of sunshiney summer days andcontentment.

14. "Ogeechee Hymnal", Baroness This is the song for Hatter. I wanted something with a little coldbadassery and this fit the bill.

15. "A left foot trapped in a sensual seduction", Yasushi Ishii This one is Benzedrine, mysterious and intoxicating like a drug.

16. "Kodou", Hirano Yoshihisa & Taniuchi Hideki This represents Patrick's night terrors and the event that fuelsthem. Not much to say about it. It creeps me out kind of a lot in thebeginning.

17. "Magic Medicine", Incubus This, for me, is the entire arc of Pete and Patrick's healingprocess. A sort of daily life at Mornington.

18. "Tamacun", Rodrigo y Gabriela This is Pete and Patrick falling in love deep like. If you listen close enough, you might even hear a familiar refrain.

19. "Topeka", Ludo This is Pete and Patrick finally together for those six days,mostly from Pete's point of view, and then Patrick working to get outso they can be back together.

20. "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", The Darkness You said love song, right? This is my idea of a love song.



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