Sep. 3rd, 2010

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Title: Forever Love (The Round Table Remix)
Author: [ profile] hopenight
Pairings/characters: Emerson (Merlin)/Arthur, Galahad/Gawain, Lawrence (Lancelot), Merlin, Morgan (Morgana), Liam (Will), Leon, Percival
Rating: R
Word Count: 24, 067
Warnings: language, some crossdressing, language, mentions of sex, lots of alcohol consumption, and a heavy dose of crack
Summary: This is your typical, run-of-the-mill, totally average reincarnation (immortality included!) story…except it’s not. Arthur is immortal with a time limit hanging over his head. M. Emerson Gray is the latest rebirth without a clue.
Except Emerson does have a clue, eccentricities, and a kickass store. Merlin is trapped in mirrors and remains very sarcastic. Lawrence is totally awesome but gets kidnapped. Galahad is having number-gasms. The knights get plastered and bemoaned the long lost days when they didn’t have to meddle in homoerotic love affairs. And Arthur? Arthur is just socially awkward and adorable.
This is the story of two men falling in love while knowing the truth about the other (even if the other doesn’t know they know). The question is can they do it in the midst of craziness, crossdressing, and colossal insecurities? Well yes, they can. But the ride to the beginning of it all is heaps better than the story of the relationship itself.
Author's notes: Hot damn! I’m posting! A very epic time in a university freshman’s life I’m sure. I would love to say that I had a blast on this, despite changing my idea halfway through and many (so many) late nights of frantic typing to get this done. It’s not as long as I would’ve liked it to be. But I hope everyone likes it. I’m just honored to be here among some of my favorite Merlin fanfic authors. You guys rock!
Alright, off my soapbox now, I would like to thank [ profile] empath89for being a really awesome beta. I wouldn’t be here without you kicking me in the ass to get writing. So thank you!
Next up is my amazingly talented artist [ profile] thisissiriusfor doing the fantastic art for this!!! You’re brilliant darling! Never forget it!
Alright now [ profile] giecast who saw all the first drafts and is now totally in love with my knights. Thanks for being a great support system and keeping me excited in my fic!
Finally to all the amazing, awesome, and lovely people over at  paperpushers for their amazing support. You all are just fantastic. I wouldn’t have done this without your help. No question went ignored. No worry was tossed aside. Freak-outs were dealt with care and sympathy. You all are the best ever. WE DID IT GUYS!!!!!
Art link: TO THE ART!!!!! 
Disclaimer: I don’t own BBC’s Merlin. If I did the show would be totally different. I do however own Emerson’s twisted mind and the plot of this story. And that is my consolation.



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