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Title: The Wisdom of April Rhodes (or Why April is a Winn Fangirl)
[livejournal.com profile] hopenight
PG-13 to light R
Will/Finn with a hefty dose of Will + April friendship
Word Count:  803
Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] tawg requested a Winn fic with April counseling Will about his relationship with Finn over at the Winn Prompt Meme
Will confesses to April about his relationship with Finn. She cannot help but think how incredibly hot it is.


“Oh my God,” squealed April with a sudden hint of lust in her eyes, “That’s so hot.”

Will groaned placing his head into his hands. Maybe telling April about his secret relationship with Finn wasn’t the best idea in the world. However, he needed to tell SOMEONE. And if that someone had to be April Rhodes then so be it.

“April,” said Will slowly as if he talking to one of his slower students, “Finn is my student. He’s barely eighteen!!! What the hell am I doing with him? What does he even see in me? I’m not that special.”

He took a long swig of his beer. Conversations like this needed alcohol of some sort (usually something stronger then beer but Will was reluctant to show his secret love of tequila around April). April had relationships with younger men. He knew what went down with her, Puck, and Matt in the locker room showers, which he really never needed to know about his students. So if he was expecting someone, anyone to be sympathetic to his situation then it would be April.

April, however, had other ideas.

“Okay so you’re telling me that you’ve gotten together with Finn Hudson?” asked April leaning in, “Over six feet of muscle with puppy dog eyes and the amazing voice?”

“Yes,” mumbled Will. They’ve been having the same conversation for the past ten minutes as if April couldn’t really believe it. Not that Will blamed her, he could barely believe it most days.

April squealed delightedly again. She leaned in with a conspiratorial smile.

“So just between you and me, Will...How big is he down there?”

Will began to choke on his beer. April, taking that as an answer, leaned back with a shit-eating grin on her face.

“That big huh? I figured that you know,” she waved her hand vaguely, “it had to be proportional. Kid’s already six foot five and boys don’t really stop growing until age eighteen.”

“We haven’t even done anything like that,” said Will faintly, wishing that he could break out the tequila.

“Uh-huh but you want to,” said April as she sipped her own beer. Will flushed and looked guiltily down at his hands. The blonde rolled her eyes, “Oh God Will don’t tell me that you feel bad about this!!”

“A little?”

“Why?” whined April, “You have a hot, hot piece of man-child interested in you. He’s adorable! Have you seen that smile?!”

Will shifted uncomfortably because he remembered the smile that Finn had given him after their first heavy make-out session. It had reached all the way up to his eyes, lighting up his entire face.

“But he’s a student, April. I mean…”

“Will,” said April snapping her fingers, “Stay with me here. Kids today are a lot more mature then we give them credit for. The majority of them do know and appreciate what they are getting into. And the majority of them can accept the consequences of their actions.”

“Wow, April that was really profound.”

“When you’ve made as many mistakes as I have…then you get some wisdom,” said April as she took a swig of her beer. She swallowed and looked at Will, “Can we get anything stronger?”

“Aren’t you in AA?”

“Baby steps, Will, baby steps,” sang April with a wink.

“I guess you’re right,” admitted Will finally.

“I am right,” said April proudly, “Sometimes you have to be selfish Will. You had put with a lot of crap in your life. You’re an independent, sensitive, smart, sexy piece of man meat. You can sing and I’ve seen dance. Flexibility always counts. You deserve something for yourself. And if it’s Finn Hudson then I salute you.”

Will nodded and April grabbed his hand.

“Be selfish for once in your life, Will. You’re not going to regret it.”

Will downed the last of his beer and nodded.

“You know what, April? You’re right.”

“Damn right I’m right. Now you go and get your hot piece of ass, lover-boy!”

The next day, during Finn’s study and Will’s free period, they had a secret tryst in the janitor’s closet. And if Finn was sporting a rather impressive hickey and Will’s tie was askew and his sweater vest was turned inside out by glee club…well no one pretended to notice.


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